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Custom order:

Our favourite way of working s to create a unique piece, especially for you. Contact us directly or through our etsy shop to start the process.

create your order:

Below you will find some examples of our custom orders and gain some insight into how our process works.

We love for you to be involved as much as possible to ensure you are happy with your finished masterpiece.

Remember you can also custom order EarWings, Earrings, and wands... just let us know!

step 1:

Choose your frame. 


Choose your frames from the following options:

-A simple downward or upward loop


-Spiral tiara

You can also choose whether you want feathers affixed to the front of your HeadWing

step 2:

Choose your feathers and the shape of your crown. 

You can choose a colour scheme, the length of the feathers and the overall shape of the crown.

We can send you photos of our available feather pairs and our ideas for size and shape for you to confirm before we go ahead with your design.

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